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Advertisement Guidelines

Frequently Asked Questions:
Ques1: Who can give Advertisement?
Ans1: Anyone can advertise with us be it a Company or organization or an Entrepreneur (Subjected to Admin Approval and should comply with CarTecKh Terms & Conditions), via this “Advertise with Us” page. 
Ques2: What is the duration for an Advertisement?
Ans2: The minimum or maximum duration for an Advertisement is 1 month minus 1 day. Starting from 1st day of the month selected and ending on second last day of the same month. Longer duration can be selected by making separate Transactions of one month each.
Ques3: What is the size of Advertisement to be uploaded?
Ans3: Most optimum size would be:
Top or Bottom: 800 X 90
Right Top, Right Middle or Right Bottom: 262 X 200
Ques4: How is Advertisement price calculated?
Ans4: A minimum amount for all position, pages and brand is already mentioned in the table, minus discount given (if any) by Admin.
Ques5: Where is my Advertisement displayed on the website?
Ans5:  Advertisement is displayed in state, position and page selected by you.
Ques6: Why I cannot select the current month for my Advertisement?
Ans6: This is the minimum time we take to check, whether your Advertisement is valid and as per the terms and conditions of the website.
Ques7: When is my Advertisement displayed on website?
Ans7: Only after validating your Advertisement and receiving a payment confirmation from your end.
Ques8: What do I write in Enter URL?
Ans8: If you have a website than write its link for better connectivity with your target market
Ques9: What are the Advertisement termination scenarios?
Ans9: By client: Before the end of Advertisement period. (Note: No refund will be made in this case)
By Carteckh: If we find the Advertisement is against the interest of law, religion, any community, or against our Terms and conditions or in case of Non-Payment by client.
By System: After completion of Advertisement period selected by client.
Ques10: What if the above answers do not solve my query?
Ans10: In such a case you can write to us on
Don’t forget to mention your Name, Contact Number, Company Name, & Address.
Team Carteckh will be more than happy to help you.


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